SUWA:history&climate 諏訪:歴史と風土

Suwa Taisya諏訪大社|Suwa Lake諏訪湖|Matsumoto Castle松本城
           信州 文学散歩
HARA Village 原村
・inland climate: cool summer & cold winter
  (*_*) comfortabul summer & fantastic winter
・average temperature平均気温8.6℃ (-17.0<->+31.8)
・rainfall 年間降水量 1242m/m.................1996
・altitude  from 800m to 2,800m (sea level)

Old stone age    settled in mountain part.kmives and celts outof obsidian,or volcanic glass,
旧石器時代BC20000              山岳地域に定住、黒曜石などからナイフや石斧など生産
Jomon period    many settlements,which prospered both materially and culturally
縄文時代 BC5000                    数多くの集落が繁栄 遺跡:尖石,井戸尻,阿九などなど
           "Kojiki(712)" Tateminakata-no-mikoto(Prince Tateminakata),
            the Upper Shrine(Kamisha) of the Grand Shrines of Suwa is dedicated,
           was defeated in a battle for a province,fled here and developed"Suwa".
Heian period     Sakanoue Tamuramaro's expedition to eastern Japan(801), the God of Suwa 
平安時代 794-1192 appeared to help him, win battles against the Emishi people.
          the Suwa clan turned into the samurai warrior class      諏訪氏の武士階級化
Kamakura period  the Suwa clan sent its warriors to serve the Kamakura Shogunate.
鎌倉時代  1192−1333 And the warriors of Suwa became known throughout the country as fighters of
           dauntless courage under the protection of the God of Suwa.
Muromachi period Tenbun天文11(1542)Suwa family(Yorishige) was overthrown by the invading army of
室町時代 1334-1573  Takeda Shingen, the powerful daimyo of the next-door province of Kai.
the age of wars  For 40 years after this, the Suwa area was under he rule of the Takeda family.
戦国時代 1467-1573                   諏訪頼重,甲斐の武田信玄に滅ぼされ40年間支配される
Azuchi-momoyama p.Suwa family(Yoritada)regained its reign over the Suwa area.    
安土桃山時代1573-1603                                諏訪頼忠、支配を回復
          Tensho18天正(1590)Yoritada took sides with Tokugawa Ieyasu and moved to the
           province of Musashi. With this,Suwa became the territory of Hineno Takayoshi,
          a military commander of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.     
          Keicho慶長3(1598)Takayoshi built Takashima Castle    日根野高吉、高島城を構築
          Keicho慶長6(1601)as a reward for his services in the Battle of Sekigahara,Yorimizu, 
          the son of Suwa Yoritada,was allowed to return to Suwa.    
Edo period     Yorimizu, the feudal lord of the Takashima han(clan),carried out renovation of Suwa
江戸時代 1603-1868 not only as the capital of his domain but also as the post town of Kaminosuwa on the
           Koshu road.He also reclaimed land by drainage,created new rice fields and
           encouraged manufacturing. 
Meiji period     1869(M2)Suwa Tadaaya returned the clanship of Suwa to the Emperor. 
明治時代 1868-1912                                 諏訪忠礼、藩籍奉還
           1871/4(M4)prefecture named Takashima. 11. prefecture of Chikuma 高島県-->築摩県
           1876(M9)  Nagano prefecture                        長野県
           1905(M38) Kamisuwa Station & the Chuo railway line.    中央線開通、上諏訪駅開業
Taisyo period    silk-reeling and other industries and the cultural life of the citizens.
大正時代  1912-1926                                 製糸業など盛んになる
Syowa period    local industry changed drastically with World War II as the turning point.That is,
昭和時代  1926-1988 the local industries of silk reeling,brewing and Japanese isinglass(kanten)
            production of former days were replaced by the precision machining industry 
           watches,cameras and other sophisticated devices.           

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